Star Trek, The Next Generation

The original series of Star Trek had lost money, but in September, 1987 a new series called Star Trek, The Next Generation was started with $1 million dollars budgeted for each of its 24 episodes. The episodes pushed the Illuminati’s agenda in every show. People were being aroused to bombard Paramount with requests for a new Star Trek. Bob Justman who worked with Roddenberry said, "When I left Star Trek in 1968 it was a disaster. It was a failure as far as the network was concerned." That is because it didn’t make money. Hollywood tells us it makes these movies because they are what the public want and that they have to go where the money is--the closer truth is that Hollywood makes movies that push an agenda--Hollywood makes movies that Hollywood wants to make. And since Star Trek was part of the NWO’s mind-control, the show and it successors had to go on.

原始星球大戰系列是蝕錢的,但在19879月,新的一系列推出名為星球大戰、下一代用 100 萬美元預算開始,共播映24 集。劇集在每次演出均推廣光明會的計劃。人們喚醒起轟炸派拉蒙與請求新的星球大戰。鮑勃賈斯特曼曾與 Roddenberry 說,「我在1968 年離開星球大戰的時候是一場災難。就藉著網路而言,這是一場失敗。」因為這是掙不到錢。好萊塢告訴我們製造這些電影,因為大眾市民想要的,他們必須把這筆錢用在哪兒 接近真相是好萊塢使電影推展一個計劃好萊塢製造電影是好萊塢想要的。並且,由於星球大戰是思想控制的一部份,一部分接班人要去繼續通過這電影。

How important is Star Trek? A witness has talked about Boeing workers sneaking off their jobs and hiding in the tunnels underneath the hugh Seattle Boeing plant so they could watch Star Trek shows. This enormous Boeing plant is used for rituals and mind-control. This Boeing building is enormous, for it is where they have assembly lines to build the hugh jets, like the 747s, 707s, etc. An extensive maze of tunnels lays underneath the main building, large enough to accommodate all the tens of thousands of workers on any shift.


It is interesting who was associated with the production of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Script writers for the Next Generation had a Star Trek Bible to write from. These script writers included such persons as Alan Adler, Dennis Putnam Bailey, three Grays, Debra Mclntrye, Ronald Moore, Grant Rosenberg, Randee Russell, Bryan Stewart. These are common names within the Illuminati. Coca-cola, an Illuminati-run corporation, was one of the major advertisers for Star Trek, and the god-man Dalai Lama of Tibet, who is a Star Trek fan, visited the cast of Star Trek in 1988 in Hollywood and got his picture taken with members of the cast. Probert who worked with Star Trek productions also worked with Walt Disney’s Imagineering subsidiary. Here are some of the Star Trek scenes:

這是有趣的關於生產星球大戰:下一代。下一代的腳本作者寫下星球大戰聖經。這些腳本作者包括這類人士Alan Adler, Dennis Putnam Bailey, three Grays, Debra Mclntrye, Ronald Moore, Grant Rosenberg, Randee Russell, Bryan Stewart這些都是光明會內的常用名。可口可樂,光明會運作公司是星球大戰為主要廣告商之一,神人西藏達賴喇嘛是一個星球大戰的粉絲,在1988 年拜訪星球大戰在好萊塢的演員,以及他拍攝的演員照片。普羅伯特曾參與星球大戰的製作,也同工作於沃爾特迪士尼夢幻附屬公司。這裡是一些星球大戰的場景:

A Wizard of Oz head is shown on a show.


Data is a humanoid with an on-off switch who can store vast amounts of data. His memories can be so strong that personalities in those memories fight for control of Data. (See the episode aired 1/23/89).


Holodeck creations of people (humans who are mirror images) who are aware of themselves. This is a well-used concept for programming Monarch alters. The first episode with this aired 1/1 1/88 and got several awards--an Emmy Award, and an award from the George Foster Peabody Award board. A few other items which will show the reader the occult agenda of Star Trek, the Next Generation and how it fits into the mind-control programming (dates that the show aired are in parenthesis): a Reptilian Race called Tellisians (10/12/87), a Cosmological Egg-from the cabalistic magical world view (10/26/87), a brain scanned by a probe (11/9/87), age regression, reverse aging and memory loss (2/8/88), android duels & a crystalline body (1/18/88), a race of computer operators (2/1/88), an ozone hole in the atmosphere kills a planet (2/15/88), a matriarchal oligarchy--shades of the Mother of Darkness’s oligarchy (1/25/88), people who are only holographic projections (4/11/88), a cyberneticist & androids (2/13/89), doubles (mirror images) (4/3/89), half-human half-robot people (5/8/89), clones of people (5/22/89), a holodeck person who doesn’t know his last name (6/19/89), Betazoids (11/13/89), and a drug which causes hysterical paranoia (7/17/89). Colorado is the area where trauma-based alien-theme programming is carried out with a mock UFO. Gaston, one of the programmers in that area, is turning out top secret Monarchs with solometric systems. NORAD and Colorado Springs and several other Colorado locations are major headquarters for end-time call back programming. Interestingly, they have placed the Star Trek Fan Club in Colorado.

Holodeck創作人類(人是鏡像)的人都知道自己。這是一個好好利用的概念,為程式設計的Monarch改變。第一集在1/1/88播出和得到幾個獎 Emmy獎,獎項評審委員會授於喬治福斯特皮。其他幾個專案,將向讀者展示星球大戰的隱密計劃、下一代和如何將其裝入大腦思想控制程式(播出的節目是在括弧中的日期):叫做Tellisians的爬蟲類比賽宇宙蛋-從石頭魔法世界看(87/10/26),探索大腦掃描(87/11/9)年齡變輕,扭轉老化和記憶力喪失(88/2/8),類人的決鬥和水晶般的身體(88/1/18),電腦操作員的比賽(88/2/1),在大氣中的臭氧洞殺死一個星球(88/2/15),母系的寡頭 黑暗母親寡頭的陰影(88/1/25),人才是全息投影(88/4/11)控制人和機械人(89/2/13)雙打(鏡像)(89/4/3),半人半機械人(5/8/89), 89/5/8),複製人(5/22/89), 89/5/22),不知道他最後的全息人名稱(89/6/19),Betazoids89/11/13),一種藥物導致歇斯底里的偏執狂(89/7/17)。科羅拉多州是基於創傷外星人主題程式設計及進行不明飛行物。加斯頓,在這一區域的程式設計師之,結果是最高機密Monarchs solometric系統。NORAD科羅拉多斯Springs和其他幾個美國科羅拉多地點是程式設計的主要總部,用作末時打回程式。有趣的是,他們已把星球大戰喜粉絲俱樂部放在科羅拉多州。